3D Vision by Project Major

Put on your 3D glasses (red & blue) and get ready for some eye popping art. My goal is to immerse you into my thoughts by adding depth to my work.

    Anaglyph art & photography has been around for some time now.  There are many programs that can achieve this effect but are not as jaw dropping as going into details when you create it yourself. Below you will find a few of my creations.


Trippy 3D Anaglyph Art Red & Blue Glasses


Miami 3D Anaglyph Artwork Red & Blue Glasses

Artwork for Lather Bros Soap Company

Lather Bros 3D Anaglyph Artwork by Project Major

Out of Body Experience

Out of Body Experience OOBE 3D Anaglyph Art by Project Major



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Trevor Cox

Miss you man.

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