The Best Of Instagram

Scrolling through my Instagram® account can be a pleasure for most people. On the other hand, viewing each individual post may seem like an endless task. I have compiled a list of the 65 most impactful images for your viewing pleasure.


Big Pharma & USA GovernmentDollar Value MenuYou are what you eatObesity Fast FoodFast food advertising to childern Drugs in junk foodTrippy Fractals GreenDrowning in DepressionBig PharmaPrescription Pills Children AutismPharmacy VaccinesJigsaw Puzzle Fractals Trippy EarthBird's Nest Night TrippyHappy Pills Depression ArtLate Night TV Commercials Prescription DrugsDepression darknessDepression hermit crabBig brother watchingDepression comfort foodInsomnia depressionUnhealthy Microwaved foodsSubway train depressionHomeless Subway StationTransgender bathroom logoEarth RisingREM dreamTrip to the pharmacyMind Control SoftwareTrippy hallucination skeletons skullsSnake fractalsEat Flesh fast food marketing deceptionilliteracy urban citiesBlind pharmacistUnited States and Big Pharma Big Pharma and United StatesFast food truth in advertising Flu vaccineThe flu after flu shotEarth RiseTrippy lightsDeath followingSelf harm depressionTrapped inside home depressionBird in flight perspectiveAstronauts in spaceTree Shadows NightPigeon at nightBuddha Yin YangMelting Bird TrippyMocking religionLucifer the devil falling from heavenKing Tut Modern Day SlaveryNefertiti Modern Day SlaveryQuestioning God after deathJehova Witness solicitingOwl in flight fractals trippyDeception snakesBird in Flight NightDepression hooked on medsSlaughter house cow's faceUnwanted ManifestationYou are what you eat porkStarry Night trippy



Exactly what Makeely said on March 15, especially the bit about showing other people to see their reaction. Keep up the amazing work!

Breathe deep,
Seek peace,
Fly high!


I’ve followed your account for a while, and you never have not surprised me or shocked me with a lil bit of terror and also just pure beauty and wonderment! I also just love showing your account to other people and seeing their reaction! But I do just really appreciate the art. It’s maybe one of the best pieces of art I have ever seen in my life. It makes me feel maybe every emotion and makes my brain think and my eye freak out! Thankyou for taking your time to bring us this, I really wish that you need some more followers so more people can be awakened by what you are doing and bring this sad world something that is real! Thankyou.

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