Why I left "The Gram"

I decided to ditch the gram today and focus on becoming a human again. Today's memories are mostly made via an app. I can appreciate technology and how it can bring us closer together, but as I look around in today's society, It seems quite the opposite. We keep our contacts at finger's reach but keep them further apart in our actual lives. I remember one late summer we had a hurricane that left us without power for 2 weeks. The memories our family made were pure unfiltered and will forever live in my mind. No phones, no internet, no technology just family.

But why leave "The Gram"?

I thought about leaving the account open for the public to see my work, I also thought about ending it with my character making it out of the struggles he endured in the story portion of my posts. The latter would have added more months of work and that would go against the very thing I am trying to achieve. I don't want to be the reason you pick up your phone and have to hit like, comment, tag or waste any more of your valuable time. Any seconds, minutes or hours you spend off "The Gram" to focus on your well being, family and friends are more important to me than recognition.

But you had such a huge following!

I can say that the "followers" ( IG Family) I had, boosted my ego and maybe even persuaded my artwork to go in different directions. As most of you know, the number of followers I had was never important to me. I would have given 110% even if it was only 20 followers. My main purpose for the account was to show that person(s) who could not see the light of day, who could not see a way out, that they were not alone. Every inch of my artwork dealt with my anxieties, eating disorder, ignorance, and confusion mostly instilled by the large corporations through advertising and media.

What now?

If you followed the story portion of my post and viewed my artwork then you captured the messages. You don't have to understand it. That's the beauty of it all. Your subconscious mind has you covered. Moving forward I will continue to do artwork but on my website only. Please stop by and visit at your leisure. 



Leonard Huxley

Damm bro congrats and keep doing what you love


This project was major !!!
Thank you so much.
Wish you the BEST.


Was very sad to see you left the gram, really going to miss your page. Hope we can talk sometime soon. Love you man..

Infinite Canvas

Was so sad and shocked to see your account gone and then put at such ease by this eloquent post. I will continue to stop by to check out your artwork. I would also add that accounts like yours treat social media as a viable art publishing platform and therefore challenge and inspire people to use it for less mundane reasons. That’s why I wish you kept it up, while understanding why you didn’t. Best of luck!

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